Android Gets Redesigned Fast Pair Supports More Than 100 Headphones Models

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 13 Apr 2021

Bluetooth headsets have changed the way we listen to music. True Wireless earbuds offer freedom from wires. However, pairing an Android to multiple Bluetooth headsets or vice versa is a relatively messy affair. Today Google has announced a new Fast Pair experience.

Google says the new Fast Pair experience makes it easier to connect Bluetooth devices. Google has worked with companies like JBLAudio and Sony for a quick one-tap click feature. Once you fire up the feature, it shows an animated image of your device and explains how it will connect with Google Account.

“The Google Fast Pair Service (GFPS) utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to discover nearby Bluetooth devices without using significant phone battery, enabling “magical” scenarios based on device proximity.”

All one needs to do is tap on the blue button. A new prompt mentions how Fast Pai works with “100+ headphones models.” Previously a Pixel Buds animation would pop up. The revamped Fast Pair feature not only functions better but also comes with a better user interface. Previously, the feature was seen with the new Pixel Buds and looks like it is bundled with Google Play Services update.

Fast Pair detects Bluetooth devices near an Android device and lets you connect with a single tap. However, the Fast Pair feature requires Google Play services and notifications to be enabled. Furthermore, you will also get the headphone battery indicator and notification on the Android phone. In case the Bluetooth headset has a companion app, the notification will redirect to the same on the Play Store.