Google Contacts for Android Now Gets a Trash Feature

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 2 Jul 2021

Most of us never bother to delete old contacts. Previously, phones used to come with contact storage limit and one had to delete outdated cameras. This changed with smartphones that offer unlimited contact storage. Google Contacts has now introduced a new trash folder feature to its Android app.

Typically we dont delete older contacts and thus have thousands of contacts on our phone. Some of them are also duplicate but again why bother. Google Contacts trash folder will let you recover accidentally deleted contacts without much of a fuss. Last year Google added the feature to web and now the same is available for mobile.

On the desktop app, deleted contacts will be in a trash before being deleted permanently. AndroidPolice points out that despite missing mobile support the desktop app contact trash used to save contacts deleted on mobile. The trash on Android app will store phone numbers and email addresses for 30 days. Once over the contact and emails are deleted. In other words, you get a generous 30 day time window to recover accidentally deleted contacts.

Google is yet to officially announce the feature for Android app. The trash feature made its way on Google Contacts between February to now. Support documents for Google Contacts have been updated with instructions on how to use the Trash feature. All said and done, the feature is now available on Android.

Next time you delete a contact it will be moved to trash temporarily. The contact will be permanently deleted after 30 days between which you can recover the same. Henceforth you dont need to worry about accidentally deleting contacts.

[via AndroidPolice]