Android 12 Beta 3 Released; Features Scrolling Screenshots, Improved Autorotate, And More

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 14 Jul 2021

Google is inching towards public preview of Android 12. Today Google has launched Android 12 Beta 3. The latest beta arrives with new features including scrolling screenshots, auto-rotate and much more. Google has already said this is the “last beta before the Platform Stability milestone.”

Google says the scrolling screenshots feature will work out of the box for all apps. You will see a “Capture more” button at the end of screenshot. Using this you will be able to capture multiple screenshots which will be combined by the software. Furthermore, the scrolling screenshot feature will let you crop the image and also offers a bunch of ediitng tools. Google claims it is working on supporting “a wider variety of content” for the scrolling screenshot feature. In all likelihood, the extended support will be available when Android 12 launches later this year.

Auto rotation feature is something we have been seeing from many years. In Android 12 the auto rotate feature is improvised. It is now able to tell when you have flipped the phone by detecting your face. In other words, the auto-rotate feature will be more responsive. Google says it is. “specially helpful for people who are using their devices while lying down on a couch or in bed, for example.” Using images of face might ring some alarm bells. However, Google clarifies that “images are never stored or sent off the device.”

The advantages of improved auto-rotate will be more easily visible on older Pixel devices. Starting with Beta 3, Android 12 will sypport Google’s on-device search engine called AppSearch. This will let you search for stuff within your phones. Meanwhile, it will also help developers offer a better search tool in their app and add their repository to the central index. In other words, you can search data from multiple apps in a single place.

With the Android 12 Beta 3 we get to see a majority of new features slated for Android 12 stable release. The only missing bit is the Material You design language showcased in the recent Google I/O.

[via Android]