Material You Customization App Repainter Now Listed on Google Play Store

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 2 Feb 2022

Repainter app Android 12 Monet

Android 12 features a dynamic theming engine called “Monet,” but it doesn’t let you tweak the colors it picks from the current wallpaper. Repainter is an app that helps customization enthusiasts work around this issue and use custom colors across the user interface (UI).

“Monet” is a dynamic theming engine baked into Android 12. Google was recently spotted testing it for Image Search results as well. It picks colors from the current wallpaper and uses them to colorize various UI elements such as the notification shade toggles, brightness slider, etc. However, Google’s Material You design language does not allow you to pick colors individually for these dynamically themed UI elements.

Here, an app called Repainter comes in clutch. It allows you to choose colors other than those extracted from your wallpaper. The selected color scheme can then be applied to any app that supports Material You’s “Monet” theming. Repainter allows you to tweak the brightness and saturation of the colors you pick as well.

The app is now available as a stable build on the Google Play Store. It initially relied on loopholes in the Fabricated Overlay API to apply the custom colors without root access. Google patched those loopholes with the January 2022 security update and the Android 12L beta 1 build that rolled out recently.

Repainter’s listing on the Play Store clarifies that you would not need to give the app root access if you’re running the December 2021 update for Android 12 or older versions. However, phones running newer security patch versions would need complete root access.

Some phones made by Samsung, OnePlus, ASUS, and Sony can use the app without restrictions. However, Repainter only allows custom color selection on Pixel devices and isn’t recommended for phones running FunTouchOS or Xiaomi’s MIUI. Repainter is listed on the Play Store for $4.99. What are your thoughts about this customization app? Tell us in the comments section below.

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