Olio Model One is a round, premium smartwatch that’s compatible with Android

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Mar 2015

image Olio Devices Model One smartwatch

A new start-up has just unveiled its first product, and it’s a premium, round smartwatch called the Olio Model One.

The new company has just unveiled its first product, the Olio Model One, and it’s a smartwatch that comes in two variants with pricing starting at $595, and compatibility with Android 4.3 and higher. From the product’s description, the Olio Model One appears to be a premium smartwatch that’s meant to stand the test of time:

The Model One cases are made from 316L stainless steel, cold-forged 9 times for hardness, milled, then hand finished with a fine hairline texture and mirror-polished highlights. The front and rear crystals are created using our custom guilloché texturing process on ion-exchange glass, to result in best-in-class impact and scratch resistance.

Which makes sense, considering the pedigree that went behind the creation of this particular wearable. The company’s CEO is Steve Jacbos, and Jacobs has quite the resume, working in product design for companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Beats by Dre. As a result, the Olio Model One does indeed look impressive.

The Olio Model One will notify owners of messages and other notifications relayed from the iPhone, while a feature called Olio Assist will apparently learn the owner’s preferences in certain situations, and will “consider your current context,” to better focus on what matters in the moment:

Olio Assist is a cloud-based personal assistant that is solely focused on saving you time. It develops an understanding of your preferences, considers your current context, and offers insightful suggestions that let you stay focused on what matters most in the moment.

The company is going to make 500 stainless steel variants of the Olio Model One and pricing will start at $595. The company will also be making 500 black steel watches, with prices starting at $745. The company says the watches will begin shipping this summer.


[via Olio Devices]