Google is Rebranding Android Wear to Wear OS

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Mar 2018

It was rumored recently that Google was planning on rebranding its Android Wear platform, the software used to run smartwatches.

And it turns out that is indeed the case. While Google hasn’t officially announced anything just yet, the company has green-lit the newly-minted rebrand’s website, and there is even a Twitter account out there — which hasn’t actually posted anything just yet, but that will more than likely change soon.

The change happened this morning, as reported by Droid-Life. The former Android Wear website will now redirect visitors to, and from there they will see a fresh new website that not only promotes the smartwatch’s platform, but also Google Assistant. The website also promotes things like using apps, health and fitness, and staying connected.

As for the reason behind the change, obviously Google hasn’t made anything official, but the safe bet is that Google wanted to make it easier to digest that its smartwatches also worked with other platforms (iOS), too. Wear OS does seem more broad in comparison to Android Wear for sure.

Still, Google will more than likely make an official announcement at some point later today, especially with the website now being live. The Twitter account is still dormant for now, but that will also change sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Google’s new rebranding?

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