Investors throw $17.5 million at SwiftKey

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 5 Sep 2013

We all remember when the iPhone came out in 2007. Who in their right mind would want to type on a piece of glass? The first Android phone, the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1), shipped a year later with a physical keyboard. But time has a way of fixing problems, and today you can type as fast on a flat sheet of melted sand than you could on a dedicated keyboard, but that’s assuming you’re using the right software keyboard.

Google’s keyboard is very good. Some might even call it great. But I don’t want good, I don’t want great, I want the best, which is why the first thing I install on any new Android device is SwiftKey. According to The Guardian, SwiftKey just scored $17.5 million worth of funding to help them continue kicking ass and taking names. The CEO, Jon Reynolds, will be moving to California to rub shoulders with the big boys.

Now I know some of you will want to throw tomatoes at me for saying this, but I still think Apple makes the very best software keyboard on the planet. I can write an entire book on an iPhone if you asked me to, and I’d probably make little to no spelling errors.

Grammar mistakes on the other hand … I’m getting there.