Products Overview

Information Delivery Solutions

Information Delivery Solutions
It consists of all the application and system components, processes and stages required to Extract, Land, Verify, Stage, Transform, Load, Validate, Aggregate, Derive Info, Visualize Data, Replicate to Sat Servers, Deploy Info to the end user on a variety of Information Devices, such as Tablets, Smartphones, Desktops and Displays.

Operational Transactioning Systems

Operational Transactioning Systems
It consists of all the application and system components as well as process and front-ends to enable the user to transact online and live, or in offline mode for particular GBM based systems such as Wealth Creator, Pension Fund Administration, Insurance, Banking, Trading, Investment Management, etc...

Modelling and Specification - Meta Tools

Modelling and Specification - Meta Tools
The success of Generic Business Model (GBM) based systems are that they are engineered by means of a set of Modelling Tools and Meta Data Driven Tools, which allows the formal Infomet Modelling Methods to be used to comprehensively model all aspects of the business and of the application system in focus. By using formal methods and an approved methodology, a highly structured and high quality specification repository exists for the entire area. This means that various automated and manual algorithms can be used to traverse the Meta Data to ensure that it is complete and valid. During system development as well as during the operational usage of the system, it becomes a knowledge base to assist and clarify to the end user as the need arises.

Product List

  • GBM
  • Info Work Bench
  • Data Work Bench
  • Calc Work Bench
  • Web Construction
  • Deployment
  • Remote Tools
  • Infostack CC
  • Satelite CC
  • GBM User Tool
  • GBM Support
  • CoMat
  • 3rd: Network
  • 3rd: DB Mon
  • 3rd: DB Admin
  • 3rd: OS Tools

Services Overview

Infomet Systems Framework

Methodology Related Services
Infomet's Engineering capability comes from the Infomet Methodology. The Functions, Roles and Responsibilities all fit within the overall Methodology Framework, and is primarily directed at enabling the various skills needed, or supporting the solution.

Product Related Services

Product Related Services
With our Products, we try to accelerate the Solution, by providing a set of Components that are ready-made for the constituent in the architecture in which it will work to action this. This requires some custom development and configuration for the client's site.

Service List

  • Project Consulting
  • Programme Office
  • Project Office
  • Project Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • JAD Facilitation
  • Scribes
  • IT Architecture
  • Infostacks
  • Modelling
  • Specifications
  • DB Admin
  • BI Development
  • GUI Development
  • DB Development
  • Calc Development
  • ETL Development

Data Analytics and Information Science

During the 1960's, Robert Thierauf (from IBM) published various works, and clearly had an interesting and very different vision of the future. This vision proliferated through into management information systems required for driving the business from this new era of Information Technologies. Only now is this vision coming of age.

Data Analytics and Information Science

Data science is the study of large sets of (big) data in order to produce meaningful information which can radically alter what products gets delivered to which market in which new manner.
In essence, Data Science is in actuality Information Science. It is the constant availability of vital Information in a visually easy and comprehensible manner (Infographics) on almost any information output device, which are attention grabbers. They are both factual as well as informational. A smart way to use the information is not just in ways previously conceptualized, it is to mine and intelligently re-represent new information discoveries - knowledge - in essence, whether specifically requested or automatically generated by deduction. They influence our very behaviour, drive instant decisions and allow us to fearlessly tackle the previously uncharted.

Hot Stuff From the Lab

Hot stuff from the Lab

Infomet's Lab capability is busy redeveloping the Information Analytical Engine residing on top of the GBM. This essentially means that we are now able to make use of massive parallel processing against memory based structures in a manner quite different from what traditionally is done with RDBMS Technologies. The usage of a two-layer architecture with these newer technologies for the Informational layer yields spectacular retrieval and presentation performance - enabling shareholders, analysts, traders and executives instant information for appropriate decision making when needed - in real time.

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