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Infomet provides an opportunity for organisations to become business partners in one of two forms; As a channel partner in engaging markets and customers on behalf of Infomet. Or, as a supplier of technical software and hardware products and accompanying support services as part of our bundled solutions to Infomet's markets and customers. To understand more on what these programmes entail and how to participate, please read further in the sections below.

  • Channel Partner Programs
    • Infomet's flexible Go-to-market strategy makes provision for interested organisations or individuals to participate as an accredited channel partner. The objective of this strategy is for Infomet to reach a broader market with its offerings through a collaborative network of channel associates.

      In order to qualify to become a channel partner of Infomet, interested parties need to be formally accredited. The Channel Partner accreditation program consists of three elements:

      • An initial evaluation by one of our executives to ascertain the business viability and partnership fit.
      • A formal Channel Partner classification process to determine what type of channel partnership will apply as business partner with Infomet. The types of partnerships are: Agent, Dealer, Value Added Reseller or Solution Integrator.
      • A Channel Partner rating process will determine the portion of commission and revenue that a Channel Partner could earn.
      Once a Channel Partner has been accredited, will the formal engagement with Infomet commence through contracting, training and marketing.

      For more information on the Channel Partner Programme, send an email to

  • Supplier Partner Programmes
    • Infomet's technology solutions are in demand in many vertical markets and geographical regions globally. Infomet additionally follows a rigorous technology product development programme to ensure that our technology solutions remain relevant for the market segments it has been crafted for, whilst keeping abreast with the maturity evolution of Information Technology.

      Being specialist in building enterprise information delivery solutions on big-data assets, are our solutions engineers at Infomet continuously grappling with buy or build decisions that will enable Infomet to remain ahead of the technical innovation curve against our competitors. For these reasons some of our enterprise IDS solutions are comprised of underlying components that are supplied to Infomet under a Supplier Partner Programme.

      Furthermore, are the Infomet IDS Stacks build on both hardware and software systems and have we entered into supplier agreements with organisations such as Oracle, Hewlett Packard and Axys. In most of these relationships has Infomet been accredited with Gold Partner status for these suppliers. Traditionally, suppliers have pre-set contracting forms and as much as Infomet accredits its Channel Partners, Infomet is also subject to the same scrutiny with its suppliers.

      The pre-condition that Infomet sets and applies in contracting with suppliers however, are based primarily on the protection of our intellectual property as well as access to customer data/information by participants on our customer engagements. Infomet ensures this governance through rigorous contracting with suppliers and in some cases, are customers and their supplier groups also involved and contractually committed to Infomet's supplier contracting.

      Infomet makes use of a Dutch-based legal firm in support of all our supplier programme contracting. Stibbe is based in Amsterdam and specialises in the protection of intellectual property of original manufacturers of software solutions such as Infomet.

      For more information on the Supplier Partner Programme, send an email to

Client Support Center

The success of an information system depends on the quality of its design and the underlying components and building blocks, the quality and stability of the platform that hosts the underlying services and programs, and the stability and accessibility of its interfaces. It further requires commitment of all stakeholders of the system to ensure the successful execution of all system functions as an enablement tool towards the achievement of business objectives.

Contact Us The quality of support from software manufacturers and system implementers greatly contributes to a positive return on investment.

The Infomet Support Centre works closely with the Infomet Architects, Consultancy Centre, Tool Manufacturers and 3rd Party Software Manufacturers, Subject Matter Experts and Service Providers to support our clients with implanted solutions. Our direct access to the knowledge bases created during the implementation of solutions at our clients allows us to constantly meet our support objectives. The Support Centre creates partnerships with our clients and work closely with the operational and technical staff of our Clients to configure both our internal support systems and the operating procedures between the companies to enable a support agreement to meet both, the requirements of the client and the objectives of the system. The benefit of our direct access to the Infomet Tool Manufacturer, as well as the architect of the GBM and the IDS is passed on to our clients through the expertise and knowledge brought through this relationship. The Infomet Support Centre is fully qualified to support our clients through the knowledge testament supported by a wealth of knowledge from our SME's Architects, Developers and Consultants.

Three types of support agreements exist in the support centre, namely:

  • Support for Licenced Software with an active maintenance contract.
  • Support for Clients with an Active Support Contract.
  • Ad-Hoc support to Existing and new Clients.

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Licensed Products

Licensed Software such as the GBM, the GBM Meta Tools, GBM Admin Tools, the Infomet Modelling Editor (IME) as well as the Quick Trainer (QuTi). This support is only provided when both, the License fees and the Annual License are up to date. The response times are governed by the service levels agreed to in the Operational Maintenance and Support Agreement.

Active Support Agreements

Clients with Active Support agreements are supported in accordance with a Service Catalogue. The support is provided under the rules and limitations of such an agreement, and a Services Catalogue defines the full set of services performed by the Support Centre, including Service Level Agreements, response times, escalation rules and operator availability and recourses.

Ad-hoc Support

Any other support is provided on an "as and when available base". If the request is ad-hoc, the response is as well. A proper analysis of problem needs to be performed, after which solution proposed together with indication of time, resources, as well as costs. Once agreed to, this becomes the Work Authorisation for the task at hand from where it is carefully monitored.

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