New Update Brings Galaxy Watch 5 Watch Faces to Galaxy Watch 4

BY John

Published 24 Aug 2022

If you can’t afford the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, that’s alright. A new Galaxy Watch 4 update brings some of the forthcoming smartwatch’s aesthetic changes, including the watch faces.

A few weeks ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch Pro. Besides a temperature sensor and sapphire crystal lens, the upcoming smartwatch looks quite similar to last year’s lineup.

They both have a circular design and aluminum body — besides the Titanium on the Watch 5 Pro. The Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 also share the same Exynos W920 chip, 16GB storage, and 1.5GB RAM.

Now Samsung is bringing some of the new Galaxy Watch 5’s watch faces to the Galaxy Watch 4 in a new update.

Galaxy Watch 5’s Watch Faces Come to the Galaxy Watch 4

According to 9to5Google, the Galaxy Watch plugin app version adds a few tweaks to the Watch Manager UI. However, the most notable change is the addition of the Galaxy Watch 5 watch faces to the Galaxy Watch 4.

Watch faces

In other words, last year’s Galaxy Watch lineup will get six new watch faces. These include:

  • Pro analog
  • Kinetic Garden
  • Analog Utility
  • Flower Garden
  • Info Board
  • Digital Neon

The upcoming One UI Watch 4.5 update for the Galaxy Watch 4 should add even more watch faces from the newer smartwatch.

With the update, Galaxy Watch 4 users don’t necessarily have to upgrade to the Galaxy Watch 5. Instead, they can now update the Galaxy Watch 4 plugin app to version and wait a few weeks for the One UI Watch 4.5 update.