HERE Maps for Android now available for download on Google Play

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Dec 2014


The leftover part of Nokia responsible for HERE Maps for Android today announced that their app is now available for download for free from the Google Play Store. 

HERE Maps offers turn-by-turn drive and walk voice guidance, interactive maps of more than 100 countries, transport information of more than 800 cities, real-time traffic information in 40 countries around the world and more. It also features Glympse integration to easily share your location with your friends through SMS or email.

However, the biggest advantage of HERE Maps over other competing services including Google Maps, is its ability to save maps of whole cities and countries for offline usage. This means that the app can still be used for navigation and mapping purposes even without an active data connection.

The latest version of HERE Maps also adds support for voice-guided navigation in 18 new countries, including Algeria, Bangladesh, Iraq, Libya, Zambia, Sri Lanka and more. With the addition of these new countries, HERE Maps now supports navigation in a total of 118 countries.

The HERE Maps team also revealed in its announcement that a lot of people have expressed interest in an iOS version of the app, and the company plans on launching HERE for iOS in early 2015.

Download: HERE Maps for Android (Free)